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Savick and Oco Partner to Create Apparel Integrating Captured Carbon


Two Alberta-based environmental companies partner to produce low carbon apparel

CALGARY, June 14, 2022 – Savick Inc. has produced a sweater containing a CO2-embedded additive produced by Calgary-based carbon utilization company, Oco, to shine a light on the environmental services industry. By integrating Oco’s captured carbon additive, producing a CO2-enhanced ink pigment, Savick can offer low carbon apparel to the community whilst supporting local technologies. The partnership will highlight a strive towards a sustainable future and promote the utilization of captured CO2.

The Leduc-based environmental services company, Savick Inc., provides services to individuals and businesses eager to understand and reduce their environmental impact. Its largest undertaking has been the development of a carbon negative building envelope system.

The founder of Savick, Samuel Kondratski, says that “Canadians believe in a future that is economically and environmentally sustainable. They just need the tools to take effective action.”

Captured Carbon Apparel featuring Oco’s additive and slogan “Fix Earth First” | Savick

Oco is the consumer brand at Carbon Upcycling Technologies and an X-Factor Winner in the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE. Through carbon capture and conversion, Oco has produced an additive that can be utilized in materials with the value that all products should contribute to a safer planet. The company offers low carbon material solutions to consumer products brands and helps them take the first steps towards reaching their ambitious, world-saving climate goals.

With support from the Energy Futures Youth Seed Fund Grant, Captured Carbon Apparel joins the growing number of Albertan made solutions promoting a positive future. Purchasing an article of clothing will also support the Leduc and District Foodbank install a solar array on its food donation/community centres’ rooftop.

The Captured Carbon Apparel is available for purchase online in limited quantities at

For more information on Savick Inc: Instagram and LinkedIn.

For more information on Oco: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter


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