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Oco and adidas collaborate on captured carbon material in upcoming TERREX footwear


  • Transforming carbon emissions into environmentally preferred materials, Oco and adidas have collaborated to use CO2-enhanced ink in the adidas TERREX footwear line

  • Over 400,000 pairs of adidas TERREX footwear will contain captured carbon ink, with the pairs anticipated to launch in the Fall of 2023

  • The collaboration between Oco and adidas TERREX comes as part of the apparel leader's commitment to sourcing more recycled and circular materials for their products

adidas TERREX hiking shoes

Photo courtesy of adidas

Calgary, Canada – July 12, 2023 - Built to perform in the harshest conditions - 400,000 pairs of adidas's Terrex footwear will pilot CO2-enhanced ink developed by Oco, a Carbon Upcycling Company.

As consumers recognize fashion's impact on climate change, the demand for sustainable practices has grown rapidly. The collaboration between Oco and adidas TERREX aims to fulfill this demand by providing consumers with products made with circular materials.

Leveraging Oco's proprietary technology, the CO2-enhanced ink blends screen printing ink with captured carbon material. The distinct mixture results in a screen printed decal with resilience to the natural elements.

"Our goal has always been to facilitate the decarbonization journey of consumer goods brands," said Madison Savilow, Co-Founder and Venture Lead of Oco. "This pilot is an incredible example of the collaboration possible between clean technology and industry leaders, like adidas TERREX. Today, there are few products available in the consumer market that are tangible examples of carbon capture and utilization. Although this is only a small component of the overall product, we're excited to work with adidas TERREX to introduce circular materials in consumer goods and progress consumer education."

"Our commitment to sustainability includes material innovation and how we can bring to life solutions at scale. We're proud to announce the successful pilot of Oco's low carbon inks in our adidas TERREX line," said Marwin Hoffmann, VP Marketing BU Outdoor of adidas TERREX. "We will continue to push boundaries and create high performance products whilst rethinking our materials and processes.”

TERREX shoes with the CO2-enhanced ink are expected to be released in the Fall of 2023.

About Oco:

Oco, a Carbon Upcycling Company, was founded with the vision that all consumer goods can improve the planet. The Company collaborates with loved brands to integrate CO2-captured and circular materials into their supply chains, helping provide consumers with low carbon products. For more information, please visit

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