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Updated: Jun 20, 2023

  • Oco and Canadian Filaments are proud to announce a first-of-its-kind carbon captured 3D printing filament under the “CUT” product name

  • As part of both companies' shared commitment to developing greater sustainability in their operations, they will be piloting a joint take-back and recycling initiative to extend the product value across its lifecycle

  • The first industrial application of the CUT Filament will be in fellow Albertan company, CleanO2’s, CarbinX carbon capture unit. The innovative, circular deployment will see captured carbon products leveraged to capture future carbon emissions.

Calgary, Canada – Apr 14, 2023

A partnership between two Albertan companies will provide 3D printers with engineering-grade filaments made with captured carbon.

Oco, a Carbon Upcycling company, and Canadian Filaments have partnered to distribute first-of-their-kind PLA and PETG filaments. The filaments to be sold under the “CUT” product name were developed for printers looking for a more sustainable material option.

As the effects of current industry practices on the climate become more apparent, printers are now searching for methods to reduce the environmental impact of their products. Oco and Canadian Filaments designed CUT filaments to meet this growing demand for sustainable materials by leveraging CO2 emissions and recycled graphite processed through Oco’s carbon capture and utilization technology. The resulting CUT PLA and PETG demonstrate exceptional strength and resiliency, qualities unique to the products’ composition.

As part of empowering printers in their transition to sustainable materials, Oco and Canadian filaments will also be piloting a take-back and recycling program. The joint circular initiative aims to limit waste across the filaments lifecycle by transforming the printed material back into engineering-grade filament.

“We are proud to partner with Oco to provide our clients with this exciting new filament. The collaboration between Canadian Filaments and Oco is an example of the advancements in technology and sustainability being made here in Alberta,” said Alex Neumeyer, CEO of Canadian Filaments.

The first company to deploy PETG in a commercial application will be fellow Alberta-based CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies. The filament will be used to 3D print components of CleanO2’s small-scale carbon capture device, CarbinX, which transforms CO2 into an ingredient used in products ranging from soaps to fertilizers and glass.

“We’re impressed by CUT PETG. It extrudes cleanly, and we are able to get consistently high resolution. In fact, we use it to produce finished components for our CarbinX units,” said Jaeson Cardiff, CEO of CleanO2. “In some ways, it’s the ultimate circular economy story. We’re using captured carbon to produce carbon capture devices.”

“Consumer buying has the power to change our collective impact on the environment, and we’re demonstrating this potential locally, right here in Alberta. We’re proud to partner with Canadian Filaments to provide printers with this new line of sustainable circular materials,” said Peter Zhou, Technical Lead at Oco.

The CUT PLA and PETG filament will be available for purchase at

About Oco:

Oco, a Carbon Upcycling company, was founded with the vision that all consumer goods can improve the planet. We collaborate with loved brands to integrate CO2-captured material additives into their supply chains - Helping them provide consumers with circular sustainable products. For more information, please visit

About Canadian Filaments:

Canadian Filaments is proud to be the first company to bring the manufacturing of 3D Printing Filaments to Alberta. Our mission is to manufacture local, sustainable, high-quality, and affordable materials for a North American market that has previously been reliant on overseas imports.

About CleanO2:

CleanO2 is a privately held cleantech company and champion of the circular economy. Its proprietary CarbinX™ technology captures carbon dioxide from natural gas heating systems and converts it into pearl ash (potassium carbonate). CarbinX units have been deployed in Canada, the United States and Japan. CleanO2 pearl ash has numerous commercial applications, including the manufacture of personal care products, cleaning products, fertilizers, pH balancers and more. The revenue from the sale of the pearl ash funds further research and deployment of CarbinX units.


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