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Fix Earth First


All products should contribute to a safer planet

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What We Do

Oco provides low-carbon material solutions to consumer product brands and helps them take  steps towards reaching their ambitious, world-saving climate goals.

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100 Times The Weight Of Humanity

Why We Do What We Do

If you add the weight of every person on Earth, then multiply that by 100, you would get a number that would barely fit on the screen of your phone’s calculator app. That number would be 36 billion tonnes. That is the amount of carbon emissions entering our atmosphere annually.

That’s a lot. Far too much. 


Oco was founded on the idea that our pale blue dot is worth improving. We like living without an increased threat of natural disasters, diseases, and pests. We believe every product consumers interact with should play a role in creating a safer, healthier future for our planet. Consumers’ buying power can be used to better society by enforcing a need for products made with the environment in mind. 


Oco’s mission is to Fix Earth First.

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Look For Our Logo

Through product collaborations, we help our partners better the planet. Goods with our logo are made with captured carbon emissions and upcycled materials.

Helly Hansen: Captured Carbon Logos

Helly Hansen: Captured Carbon Logos

GroundTruth Global: Bag Hardware

GroundTruth Global: Bag Hardware

Matt Concrete: Captured Carbon Wall Panel

Matt Concrete: Captured Carbon Wall Panel

Captured Carbon Studio: Captured Carbon Crayons

Captured Carbon Studio: Captured Carbon Crayons

Oco: Carbon Capture Yoga Mat

Carbon Upcycling Technologies: Carbon Capture Yoga Mat

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Call To Action

Each product that uses Oco’s material changes the status quo because it’s the accumulation of small actions that really make a big difference. By supporting Oco, consumers, artists, and corporations are becoming part of the environmental solution rather than part of the problem. 


It’s time to ask more of the brands who are making your favorite products. Let them know that they should use materials that are good for the planet. We’ll be here to help them make that a reality.

Want to have a serious conversation with us about how you can decarbonize?

We’d love to talk to you!

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