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About Us

Oco offers circular and regenerative materials solutions for decarbonization. We’ve already made some amazing products that incorporate captured carbon emissions and we’re working on more cool projects behind the scenes.

For companies that aren’t sure where to start with their net-zero plans, we can advise on decarbonization. Oco’s low-carbon material solutions help consumer goods brands take their first steps towards reaching their environmental goals.

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A Carbon Upcycling Company

Oco was born from Carbon Upcycling Technologies, a Canadian carbon utilization company and winner of the XFactor Award in the Carbon XPRIZE. We’re still close friends. In fact, we use their technology to offer our partners some of the easiest to integrate material decarbonization solutions on the market. 


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The Back Story

In 2019, we decided to start making consumer products at Carbon Upcycling using the carbon dioxide-enhanced materials. These products were some of the world’s first consumer goods made from captured carbon emissions. Soon after, we started working with artists who wanted carbon dioxide-embedded materials for their own projects. 


We were inspired by the artists and small businesses who showed us that amazing products can be made from thin air


Since then, we’ve developed over 300 carbon dioxide-enhanced materials, developed over 25 unique products with our partners, and been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, CBC News, and BNN Bloomberg. Our products can also be found in the Science Museum in London, UK.

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What's In A Name

We wanted to pay homage to our flagship materials created through carbon utilization. Oco [ˈō-ˌk-ō] was inspired by the appearance of the carbon dioxide molecule. 

Oxygen - carbon - oxygen. 

The Future

Carbon Dioxide as a Resource

What if every product you interacted with was a carbon sink, making our world just that much safer? Imagine shopping for a basketball for your niece's birthday or a confidence-boosting dress-shirt for that dream job you just got, and upon checking the tag, you find that it is made from captured carbon emissions. We're not so far from that reality.


We truly believe that we need to view carbon dioxide as a resource with which we can create incredible products. To do this, we partner with companies to integrate carbon dioxide-derived materials into their supply chains. We envision a world where circular economy models are the baseline.

We're turning the carbon emissions problem on its head.

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