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Matt Concrete and Oco Sign Agreement to Implement Low Carbon Concrete

Matt Concrete has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Calgary-based carbon utilization company, Oco. The goal of the partnership is to integrate Oco’s CO2-embedded concrete additive into Matt Concrete’s wall panels while exploring opportunities to develop larger-scale projects.

The Vancouver-based consumer construction brand, Matt Concrete, is now offering a signature concrete wall panel that uses materials made from captured carbon emissions. Matt Concrete launched in 2016 and is dedicated to re-thinking concrete. The company handcrafts concrete wall panels in their studio using a patented process. Its artisans create bespoke concrete overlay panels, which mimic a diverse range of architectural concrete styles. Matt™ Concrete Panels are custom made to a specified order, then installed by a certified installer.

Matt Concrete Panel using captured carbon concrete additives | Matt Concrete

Randy Orr, co-founder of Matt Concrete explains why he and his co-founder, Colleen Orr, started Matt Concrete: “our reason behind creating Matt Concrete is simple - we love the look of concrete but we are aware of the environmental impact of using traditional concrete methods and the carbon footprint in production and installation. We wanted to create an option giving you the look of concrete using the least amount of concrete possible. We spent a decade creating, testing, and innovating our process, incorporating feedback, and improving our methods. The result is an ultra-lightweight artisan panel. ”

In 2021, they began working with Oco, the consumer brand of Alberta-based carbon utilization company, Carbon Upcycling Technologies. Oco provides Matt Concrete with a concrete additive that has the ability to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete by up to 30% through the use of carbon utilization and cement replacement.

Matt Concrete Panels already use 95% less concrete than a traditional concrete panel but the company believes that it’s important to support concrete innovation and introduce low carbon construction materials into their product offering. “Climate change is amongst us already and so the actions we take today will greatly affect our tomorrow. The time to use less concrete in a more sustainable manner is now,” says Colleen.

Matt Concrete Panels are available on the company’s website.


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