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Expedition Air Rebrands As Oco

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

New Look, Same Vision

We’re pleased to introduce Carbon Upcycling Technologies’ consumer brand, Oco, and our mission to Fix Earth First! Our consumer line was previously called Expedition Air. As Expedition Air, we were often asked questions about the aviation industry…we started to realize the brand didn’t match our work in the carbon tech sector.

We worked with BLKWTR, a Calgary-based design and marketing firm, to develop a new identity which was better aligned with our vision that all products should contribute to a safer planet. They blew our mind. The BLKWTR team is talented.

Oco's Revamp

Oco offers low carbon material solutions to consumer products brands and helps them take the first steps towards reaching their ambitious, world-saving climate goals. We’ve worked with artists, small businesses, and corporations to select better materials for their projects. Making low-carbon materials accessible through consumer goods empowers purchasers to use their buying power to help our planet.

With expertise in polymer engineering, building materials, and carbon utilization, we're prepared to help the world's top brands achieve the most ambitious net-zero goals through material solutions, consulting, and carbon tech pilots. Since we started making consumer goods, we’ve been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, CBC News, and BNN Bloomberg. Our products can also be found in the Science Museum in London, UK.

The Future

We truly believe that we need to view carbon dioxide as a resource with which we can create incredible products. We envision a world where circular economy models are the baseline. We're turning the carbon emissions problem on its head.


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