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  • Daniele Pieroni

How to Deal with Climate Change Anxiety: A Musical Cautionary Tale

A Melting World. Digital Artwork by Daniele Pieroni. I chose to convey the feelings of dread and anxiety present in the album. I attempted to capture a symbolic heat spreading across a global map; with no corners left untouched. A nightmarish look at climate change’s slow distortion.

"Pretty soon we’ll be drifting in the ocean and we’ll grow scales so we can breathe"

As many aspects of our society grow still, the state of the Earth continues to spiral. In Nick Hakim’s 2020 LP WILL THIS MAKE ME GOOD, palpable feelings of distress permeate throughout the project. While the tracklist is concerned with exploring a multitude of social struggles, a common thread ties them all together: the planet’s worsening state.

The introductory track paints the picture of a catastrophic future. A future where humanity stares at a sunken New York from above the sea levels. Albeit bleak, Hakim is providing a backdrop to which humanity’s struggles dangle on. This makes light of the dire conditions we find ourselves in, and the strain they put on society.

"This town by the sea will one day drown me. Six drinks and I start to sink."

While the album may come across as a heavy listen, it ends with a hopeful note for change. As the negative ripples of our modern world grow clearer, Nick’s message of hope does as well. The second half of the LP focuses on communication as a tool of upliftment.

In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, artists like Nick Hakim urge us to reassess how we fit into the world and what we can do to help it. When dealing with climate change, remaining engaged is key, but being paralyzed by fear is perilous. This album is a reminder of how we must cherish our time and strive to reclaim the Earth’s health before it's too late.


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