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Hidden Sea Wine partners with GROUNDTRUTH Global

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Fiona Briggs | Retail Times

The Hidden Sea Wine has partnered with the award-winning GROUNDTRUTH Global company to collect new data on climate change and micro plastics in areas that have never before been accessed by boat. Findings will be used by scientists and revealed to the wider audience through a cinematic documentary film. Acclaimed British polar explorer and Antarctic scientist Felicity Aston MBE was joined by 5 other women to undertake this extraordinary exploration. Sophia Scott, GROUNDTRUTH co-founder, said: “We welcome the support of like-minded people and organisations like The Hidden Sea who are actively seeking to be part of the solution as they help to place the plastic problem in the consciousness of consumers and retailers. Together we can raise awareness of how everyone has a role in how much plastic is used and discarded every year.” Setting off from Reykjavik on August 12th, the team have sailed across the north Atlantic Ocean to arrive at the bays of Cape Farewell on the southern tip of Greenland before turning inland through the intricate systems of fjords then up the western coast of Greenland before arriving at Nuuk on Monday 23rd August. Using advanced technologies, Team UMIAQ are collecting new data on climate change and micro plastics in areas that are only accessible now due to the melting of sea ice – directly caused by climate change. The team are also testing GROUNDTRUTH’s newly innovative and exclusive hardware and textiles created by a combination of recycled plastics and nanoparticles containing solidified atmospheric CO2 captured from the air. GROUNDTRUTH, along with their innovation partners Expedition Air and Polycore Solution, aim to create long lasting products that have a true circular carbon footprint while helping to reduce the global plastic pollution crisis. Justin Moran, co-founder of The Hidden Sea, said: “Supporting the expedition to Greenland ties directly into The Hidden Sea clear purpose – to remove plastic from the ocean. We expect the team to find micro plastics in the most remote part of the world, an area only now accessible via boat due to the melting of glaciers. We need the world to wake up to the destruction of our planet. The Hidden Sea and the ReSea Project work together to remove plastic from the ocean, but we need people to understand that plastic doesn’t belong in the sea and that we must stop using our ocean as a dumping ground. Plastic pollution is not a case of out of sight, out of mind. It’s should be on all of our minds. “A conversation about how we can all make a meaningful change to how we live is needed urgently – as a society we have to take responsibility for our actions and understand the huge damage we are doing before it’s too late to reverse. I am delighted to be working with the team on this important expedition and documentary – together we can make positive changes.”

To find out more about The Hidden Sea and its partnership with ReSea to remove plastic from the ocean please visit –


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